Minion Fandom Shoutout!!


Even though they speak gibberish or even if they love a plain fruit like banana , these 105 cm height yellow creatures are always classified as CUTE!  They can say anything in their “minion-ese” but they are a pair of walking-breathing adorableness, Isn’t it???

This time the source of innovation comes solely from Minions – the cute heartthrobs of today’s crowd. Every single specie, irrespective of their age or gender can’t resist the charm of these visionary creatures.Oh! You haven’t watched them?? than you do have time, before there’s a news flash of – ‘the end of the world’.

Its time for a Shoutout!!Exclusively for Minion girls or the Minion Fandom or whatever you’d like to call it, Hand-painted slash artistic long shrugs made of cotton silk fabric, rich sky – blue is the color palette for now. The definition of cute is out for you!notch collar and front pocket gives it a different look. Pair it with some summer based white or grey  tank top and black jeans for a subtle look, complete it with-ummm…What you’re thinking?Accessories ! No! Complete it with a charming smile of yours and that would be perfect.

For details and orders :




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