Minty Velvet Skirt Twirls In The Spring


Walk back in the memory lane and recall Velvet fabric being ever mentioned in the same breath as Spring Fashion.No! Than you ought to believe that it has become true in the Victoria Beckham’s Fashion runaway Spring 2017. Newyork has once again shown an exquisite style of fashion; this time neither with the prints nor the silhouettes, but with a fresh fabric. Have you ever wondered about the smooth silky velvet being utilized as a means of spring style? Yes, we decidedly said spring.

Fashion rolls the carpet in such an unpredictable manner that the age-old convictions now gets redefined. This woven tufted fabric, which often gets associated with the well-offs of the society, is given a new meaning in the textile world. We always think velvet as the fabric of winter but we never thought it as a glamour of spring, the reason being simple; there was a hardly a designer to take this edgy initiative. Now it’s the time for a change in this oncoming of fresh spring. The breeze of this season is such that the fashion designers gets enlivened, they try to search, they try to feel what this modern era wants with them. They show a world away from repetition, monotony and dullness, bringing a new style of freshness and innovation, something that is away from the ordinary ready-to-wear.

“This season, fabric really was the starting point—all the pieces, like the knitwear, are separate, but I like how they look when they are part of the garment. That was the starting point,” That is what Victoria Beckham said when she launched a new lightweight velvet for Spring’17. “As much as I want the fabrics to be really interesting, people have to wear the collection.” She added.


She used the idea of knife pleated skirt of peppermint green color which agreed with the comfort as well as spring elements used in her mood-board. Slouch was introduced in drop-waist dresses, so the skirt would sway around the mid-calf making the attire favorable for summer or spring season. To match the collection with the comfort zone she added drawstring, bright and soothing hues and not to forget the draped skirt. The shades like candy orange, riverside blue, lilac and peppermint green were used to showcase the awe-inspiring collection of spring. Not only this, but the captivating floral prints along with washed satin fabric completed the amazing look.


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