Here Are The Architects of Society



You can’t possibly imagine a day without her, she is a doctor, mother, architect, model, designer, engineer, entrepreneur, all at the same time and most importantly she’s a women. She’s that women whose toil was passionately ignored, whose selfless devotion was taken for granted and whose value was often buried in the ancient patriarchal society. Today they are crusading for a big change that will bring both men and women on the same standards; a change for even-handedness.In every sphere of life they are striving to create this society and to maintain their prominent role that was once forgotten. On this 8th of March let’s travel through the journey of such women who are the concrete architects of society. 

Women Workforce with Sheroes:



They say that women’s place is in the kitchen but what they don’t remember is,that the same women has to drop-out her career for her social responsibilities. The typical judgmental folks fail to recognize the immense love and care of a women behind her lack of education; they don’t understand her selfless choices. Somebody should be there to be a knight in shining armor for them and to help these women get back into workforce. Here’s the extraordinary lady, the Ceo of Sheroes, Sairee Chahal , brought an amazing idea forward that has changed the life of millions of women for sure.

“The idea for Sheroes came from the observation that I was surrounded by so many women who had left their career options behind for social responsibilities [such as raising a family]. I just want to show them that this doesn’t need to be the end of the road,” Sairee told Tech in Asia in a recent interview. The Sheroes Summit being held throughout India helped to connect many educated, business minded and willing to work crowd among womenfolk. She provides an online platform for many talented women with a lot of sustainable work options.

A Helping Hand For Wildlife Conservation:


Social workers are fighting for women rights, minority sections rights, SC and ST benefits but who will think of those poor animals who can’t speak for themselves? Well, there is brilliant women, a conservation scientist at Wildlife Conservation Society who works against the threats to wildlife. Krithi Karanth was well aware of the various threats to tigers, she soon realized that these threats were from the conflicts of people who suffered losses in crops and properties.She started mapping the regions which suffered such conflicts and with her team, she started working for human-wildlife betterment and interactions.

She Heads Facebook India :


It’s never possible to survive without social networking sites in this techno age. Facebook, twitter, Instagram, pinterest,etc. have come next to the basic necessities like food, they are now the basic ingredient in the recipe of life. Facebook India has made its tremendous contribution under the leadership of  Kirthiga Reddy.  The users have grown by 150 percent and that’s truly marvelous.  Success mantra “Don’t be afraid to take risks. In risks will come your biggest opportunities. Be realistic and be prepared for any outcome while giving your best to whatever you do”.

The Hero Against Diabetes:


When an individual pancreas stops producing insulin the person stops getting energy from their food; dead-serious isn’t it! That’s the time when diabetes comes as a biggest curse of your life. Each year, approximately 15000 adults and 15000 children becomes the victim of this horrendous disease. Daily infusion is a common way to manage the disease but not to forget that it’s not the cure, so the point is, how to be have hopes against this severe disease. However, Dr. Cherie Stabler, a researcher is working day and night at the Diabetes Research Institute (DRI) to discover the cure for type 1 diabetes. “Now, as a mother of two young girls, what inspires me to come to work every day is the desire to help these brave young kids dealing with this disease and to give their parents a peaceful night’s rest. At the DRI, you cannot forget your purpose when you meet a six year old dealing with managing her blood sugars or meet a mom who has not slept a full night in years because she is up every few hours just checking and checking. It makes you passionate about finding a better way. It becomes so personal.” she says.





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