It Talks About Your Fashion Craze


What you will define as a pure bundle of joy? Shall we say clothes, or cosmetics or what about a pair of fab shoes? All these little little things compile to form a big paradise for a girl. For the girls who simply love to keep up with the latest trend shoes, clothes or cosmetics here is the perfect shrug, meant exclusively for you.

Speak your mind and tell the world how passionate you are for fashion,with this lustrous purple shrug. A long cotton silk shrug with notch collar giving it a classy edge and pockets to keep your darling cellphones safe. This sleeveless shrug is a perfect choice to walk on streets this summer and not to forget the exclusive fabric paint that adorns it. The print of glittering gown,rouse, lipstick and stilettos will surely convey your deep love for trends as you walk in style wearing this piece of classiness. Flaunt your unique style by pairing it with any monochrome shade of lilac and grey jeans and some elegant silver accessories that goes with the glitter work of the shrug. You can also wear with a dull grey or royal blue tank top along with a black pencil jeans.

Grab this shrug from “a inspiraars” online shop with just a click of a button. Here’s the link. COD available at our online store.


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