Weight Loss Without Walk :Tricks & Science


Don’t have any fondness for those strict military like training to get up early, to do torturing exercises and Yoga? You sure as hell can’t wrap your head around that insane crowd doing hard physical task and dieting to loose body fat, while here you are wanna have a life! You needn’t to worry, as here are some easy home made drinks and a few tricks. So don’t move your legs you lazy fellows, just sit on that oh so comfy! bed of yours and read these amazing tricks.



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First and the most easily available detox weight loosing drink is a drink made up of ginger, lemon and honey. Honey helps in mobilizing extra fat that is deposited during obesity. As honey has a major constituent of glucose and fructose, it helps to generate energy for your digestion. From the very ancient times, ginger has been used to improve digestion, you may or may not have heard that ginger is also known as natural appetite sup-presents. Thus, it will help you feel satisfied with the amount of food you you eat and will also raise your inner gut body temperature which will help in increasing metabolism rate and burning fat immediately. Talking about lemon juice, no doubt it consists of active vitamins needed by the body, but the most important, Vitamin C helps in inhibiting control, the stress hormone that is responsible for the craving of a person to eat while they are in stress.

You can make this drink by adding 1 tbs( tablespoon) of  honey and 1 tbs of lime juice with mashed ginger in one glass of water, just see the miracle in around a month!



In the above juice of ginger, lemon and honey add some aloe Vera  juice and see some faster results. This magical plant of immortality, aloe Vera, is a common detox that removes free radical from the body, and if your body is cleaned already then weight loss is as easy as a child’s play. Vitamin B that helps to block extra building fat in body is abundant in aloe Vera juice.



The second most and easily effective, immediately fat removing home made drink is barley water. Insoluble fiber present in barley water push intestinal content and speeds up digestion, if barley is poured in boiling water, boiled for a few minutes and filtered, it can be taken in empty stomach. It acts as an immediate detox in 48 hrs, if you don’t like it’s taste then you can also add flavors to it.



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