Killer Eye Makeup Trend 2017

Who would have possibly thought about the famous winged eyelashes of Angelina Jolie becoming an obvious eye makeup trend now? or perhaps we should say, who wouldn’t want to have their ever-gorgeous eyes to be highlighted with the magic of liner? Not only the eye-liner is your night in shining armor for the parties but girls do depend on the famous smudgy eye look too.Starting from the famous celebrities to the busy runaways, let’s talk about the up-to-the-minute eye beauty trends.


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White liner is a jewel in the crown as well as a  spell-caster for your stunning eyes. Don’t worry if you have to work day and night and your eyes are all red and tired, you can easily cover up your weakness by applying a thin yet prominent line of white liner. It can be applied above the eyelashes and also as Mascara, that makes you look awake even when you’re feeling sleepy. It’s the perfect savior trend of 2017 as it makes you look fresh, enchanting and charming in your every public appearance.


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The most popular and common style of eyeliner style that can never get old even in 2020 future, is the winged at the ends style. A wing like sharp formation is made at the end of your lashes, we very well know the loyal followers of this makeup trend are many, including the famous celebrities like Angelina Jolie and Taylor Swift.


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This heart-throbbing style comes downright from the fashion shows of famous designers like Marc Jacobs, Rachel Comey, and Jill Stuart.  It has been a latest pick of 2017. The hues of blue, gold, green and purple are blended as an eye-shadow that gives you a mesmerizing look of a mermaid. Every girl day-dreams about her favorite Ariel, the mermaid queen,  so why not give it a try!


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All glitters are not gold when you have your sophisticated matte shades. Some girls do love something other than shine and shimmer, they want something new, something that provides them a superior edge. So if you’re going out in a party and want to flaunt your class than its the perfect trend for you.


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    1. That’s cool, I agree natural care and herbs are actually the best. I too often go for that, but in some occasions where I’m damn required to put on these makeup products it’s safe to prefer some branded products.


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