Cutest Cat Breeds You Would Ever Find



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These Blue-eyed Thai cat are once in a million species that every master wants to have as a cute little friend. Several of the Europeans as well as North American residents became a die-hard fan of this breed, and what’s more! it’s the most extrovert cat you would find. If you are wondering how it looks like, then you can watch “That Darn Cat”, the 1965 Disney Movie that featured a Siamese cat. They are characterized by  a muscular and slender body, long ears and the most unique set of eyes that are blue almond shaped. Its the best elite cat for those who go for looks as it’s a light colored beauty with the most striking color points of brown, lilac, blue and seal.

If we talk about their personality then we should surely recall the dialogue ““We are Siamese if you please. We are Siamese if you don’t please.”  by the hoity-toity  cats of  Lady and the Tramp movie. They tell what’s in the tiny head of theirs and do as they wish, Siamese cats also are very fond of people in general. In your lonely life it’s proved the best companion as Siamese require attention and company all the time.


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If you aren’t a cat owner then you don’t know if some of its breed are tailless, well it’s true in case of Manx cat. You would be surprised to know that these domestic cats are mostly tailless, with a small tale or a few can be fully tailed. They originated from the Isle of Man and are characterized by their elongated hind legs, rounded head and by being tailless. It’s good to know that a Manx cat is highly flexible in it’s attitude, not only they are affectionate but they are quite smart hunter, in fact, you don’t need a watch dog if you have a Manx cat in your house. They are a bit shy towards social gatherings and will follow their owners, wherever they go, a Manx gives you space and will respect your decisions and will not deny a game of fetch and throw.

Pet owners are often worried about their pets health, they are worried and often don’t know what to do if it’s Manx. The common health problems that a Manx cat can face are, arthritis of the tailbone, Manx syndrome and corneal dystrophy or cloudiness of eyes. Don’t let the cat be more heavy and take care of their proper nutritional diet, as these have a tendency of gaining weight in a very short span of time. The soft fur coat need to be daily brushed and the area around both the eyes is to be cleaned with a separate damp cloth.


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Popularly known as dog-like-cats or puppy-like-cats, these cats are characterized by their long silky fur coat. They will follow you from room to room, fetch toys if you want and are extremely easy to handle with in your lap, not to forget that just like dogs they seek physical attention. If you are crazy for different colors then you are ‘the one’ to own a ragdoll cat, the colors are total six; red, seal, chocolate and the corresponding “dilutes”, including blue, lilac, and cream. Are you an Olaf who just love hugs, than a Ragdoll is known for collapsing into the arms of anyone, they too are fond of cuddling.

These are characterized by their soft silky fur-coat, proportionate legs, blue eyes and large frame. As far as their health is concerned, all a Ragdoll need except being thoroughly washed and cleaned, is grooming so that their fur does not mat.





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