“Original” Stamp Shrug


You crave for that sole thing that would make you stand out and shine amidst the same boring crowd, something that defines you, something that shows your remarkable uniqueness, so the question is… what’s that ‘something’ that sets you apart. Imagine if it’s a cool summer shrug adorned with funky hand painting of ‘original’ stamp and a mysterious hooded figure, classy! isn’t it? 

So your wait to try a different style this season is over, as we bring before you an exclusive hand-painted navy blue shrug in an unique way. It’s reflective cotton-silk fabric in navy and silver color along with the funky white print will be soon the thing to fall in love with. If you are worrying for your cellphones, then don’t because this classy long shrug comes with two front pockets that solves your dilemma. The unique art not only depicts your exclusiveness but this sleeveless style is so in for summers. For a casual whole-denim look, pair it simply with denim top and jeans or you can also pair it with black tank top and torn jean shorts. As a party chic look this can be worn with a lovely silver shimmery top and black jeans.

To have this amazing shrug from ” a inspiraars ” online shop :

For prices and details visit the link
Large Size :
COD (Cash on delievery) available


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