Belt And Ponytail- Crazy Combo!

belted ponytail

You search for that silly rubber band everywhere, and when I’m saying everywhere, it literally means you rummage through your closet, make a tornado in your not-so-classy room, double check the washroom, and not to forget the messed up drawers. For those doomed girls who have extra long hairs and their pitiful life just depend on a ponytail think that it’s time to leave the planet for sure. In such a case, nobody is out of luck, as the year brings for you a funky yet classy trend of belt and pony, amazing!isn’t it ?

The Innovative crowd of today’s designers are much more advance then we can think of as Frank Rizzieri did his magic in the New York Fashion Week. The low-slung ponytails were belted and tied with long strips giving an edge to the hairstyle. It’s strange that after belting our lehangas, pants, long tops and other clothes we can now belt our ponytails too!


One thought on “Belt And Ponytail- Crazy Combo!

  1. I love passing what I mean to English!But for me,it takes a little time.That’s why it’s not always that I can move to English.But whenever I have time,I’ll do it!
    Then,when I can,I’ll talk in the same language with you.When I do not,I speak in Portuguese,okay?

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