All For The Fur : A Diary To Cat Grooming


You own a cute fluffy ginger tom or a gorgeous feline and still don’t know what’s the deal with this so talked about grooming? The frequent mat and tangles are always against your long fur cat, and to chat about a good bath with your beloved cat is certainly a far-fetched dream. So frankly speaking, what’s the need of the hour? The answer lies in a quick know-how to some basic cat grooming.

All For The Fur :

The best thing about your cute little feline is her fur or we can say hairs, whether they are long or short. In order to keep it clean, dirt free and untangled a cat owner has to brush it either once a week for the short hairs or every single day for the gorgeous extra length of hairs. Like we apply several moisturizers and creams, cats are needed to have some natural oils applied gently on their body that keeps their skin clean and prevents knotting of hair. For short haired cat you should run a fine toothed metal comb from it’s head to tail and for loose hairs one should go for bristle. If you are brushing through the sensitive spots, like her belly or her chest, then you are off course required to be extra gentle.

What about the long haired cat? well, you need a wire brush to remove the loose hair and the debris in your cat’s fur can be easily removed using wide toothed comb. The oh so pretty face of your adorable cat can be cleaned using a spare toothbrush. Firstly, you are supposed to comb the legs and belly and remember to comb in the same direction, never to go against the grain. The one thing that’s more important is to untangle the knots carefully and slowly, especially in case of your long haired cat, take care not to hurt your feline. Do you know about the hairballs? they do need surgery for removal and precaution is better than cure, so frequent brushing of coat is the ultimate cure to this problem.

Out of the blue don’t just suddenly grab your cat and start her grooming process as it needs time. Have patience, know your cat’s body language and be extra gentle towards her. Start brushing her gently with the comb, remember not to scratch the scalp and be careful towards the sensitive areas. If she’s good during the grooming treat her with some yummy food, well, we know everyone wants a reward, don’t they?





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