All For The Fur : A Diary To Cat Grooming


You own a cute fluffy ginger tom or a gorgeous feline and still don’t know what’s the deal with this so talked about grooming? The frequent mat and tangles are always against your long fur cat, and to chat about a good bath with your beloved cat is certainly a far-fetched dream. So frankly speaking, what’s the need of the hour? The answer lies in a quick know-how to some basic cat grooming.

All For The Fur :

The best thing about your cute little feline is her fur or we can say hairs, whether they are long or short. In order to keep it clean, dirt free and untangled a cat owner has to brush it either once a week for the short hairs or every single day for the gorgeous extra length of hairs. Like we apply several moisturizers and creams, cats are needed to have some natural oils applied gently on their body that keeps their skin clean and prevents knotting of hair. For short haired cat you should run a fine toothed metal comb from it’s head to tail and for loose hairs one should go for bristle. If you are brushing through the sensitive spots, like her belly or her chest, then you are off course required to be extra gentle.

What about the long haired cat? well, you need a wire brush to remove the loose hair and the debris in your cat’s fur can be easily removed using wide toothed comb. The oh so pretty face of your adorable cat can be cleaned using a spare toothbrush. Firstly, you are supposed to comb the legs and belly and remember to comb in the same direction, never to go against the grain. The one thing that’s more important is to untangle the knots carefully and slowly, especially in case of your long haired cat, take care not to hurt your feline. Do you know about the hairballs? they do need surgery for removal and precaution is better than cure, so frequent brushing of coat is the ultimate cure to this problem.

Out of the blue don’t just suddenly grab your cat and start her grooming process as it needs time. Have patience, know your cat’s body language and be extra gentle towards her. Start brushing her gently with the comb, remember not to scratch the scalp and be careful towards the sensitive areas. If she’s good during the grooming treat her with some yummy food, well, we know everyone wants a reward, don’t they?




Wellington Boots



This time we aren’t going for fishing, hunting, farming or gardening but we are a hardcore fan of these special outdoor boots- Wellington boots, with their fantabulous waterproof qualities and never-seen-before fashion statement. No longer these are confined to heavy industrial work, mining, agricultural or horticulture work. No longer its designed just for heavy industrial work, for safety or even hygiene purposes. As these classy rubber boots, with its additional reinforced toe design, comes back as a fashion boot.

Going back to the British history of 19th century, we have found that these Wellies were popularized and worn by the 1st Duke of Wellington, Arthur Wellesley. You can also relate it to the leather Hessian boots as well. These highly utilitarian Gumboots are made of PVC or polyvinyl chloride that is a halogenated polymer, so they protect you from mud or rain in outdoor activities. So, consider them as the best option for the rainy season. As a style statement, these super comfy boots are best if you are up for some music festival in the countryside.

Have You Heard Of ‘Facekini’?



Woah! It’s bizarre, isn’t it? Have you heard of the word facekini? No? well, these are the most unusual swimwear trend for summer, downright from China. Visualize a face mask including openings for eyes, mouth, and nose, something that would protect you from the sun or sometimes jellyfish stings! Imagine a stretchable spandex over your face, like you are traveling with a weird balloon wrap over your face! Yes! this face accessory can be called a Bikini for your face, Face-kini.

Its dated back to the early 2000s and was introduced by Zhang Shifan, a former accountant. It was rightly characterized as China’s most terrifying trend and we won’t even doubt it. A brigade of beachgoers was photographed wearing facekini in the city of Qingdao, in China’s eastern province of Shandong. You would find this accessory akin to the traditional British headgear of 19th century, Balaclava (or Balaklava). Originally it was a helmet kind of thing which was named after a city near the Black Sea.

You can explore a wide range of colors, styles, and patterns in Facekini, with paisley prints, dots, peacock feather patterns, rainbow camouflage and much more. Not only it’s protecting you from the harmful rays of the sun but also it’s best when you are tired of applying too much sunscreen.



Do Microorganisms Protect Us From Diseases?


Many people over here don’t even know that technically they are not alone as an individual. They have millions and billions of lives walking and existing along with them on a lifetime basis. Best part? we humans are not able to recognize these lives through naked eyes. Yes! They are not humans. Nope, they are not even ghosts! These are billions of microorganisms called by the name “normal flora”.

Thinking of micro-organisms we recall bacterias, virus, fungi, etc. but you also remember that they are supposed to harm human body as different diseases like malaria, polio, common cold, etc. Case in point; If they are so harmful to us then why do they exist along with us? Then too in billions of quantity? That is because they exist to help our body in performing different tasks, such as digestion, making immune system strong, etc.

Now how can a microorganism, a normal flora, can make our immune system strong? It’s all because of competetion. ‘Competition’ is a literal term given to the process of microorganisms competing for food, shelter, nutrient, etc. which are performed by them through a human body. They compete with other incoming bad microorganisms which have potential to cause various diseases. Thus, normal flora plays a critically important role in our immunity.




Berets- the perfect reflection of a French It girl or perhaps a cliche Paris tourist. It’s our beloved soft circular hats that we often associate with 19th-century artists and creatives, even Pablo Picasso include Beret in his million dollar paintings. Although this cap has got a military influence from 14th and 15th century, you can’t recognize this one-off thing as a masculine and powerful item. As the fashion world evolved, so was the utility of certain stuff like Beret Hats. Don’t believe? Well, just take a look at Faye Dunaway of Bonnie & Clyde, you’ll definitely get a wind of how stylish a Beret can be worn.

This timeless accessory was once preferred by the famous Brigitte Bardot in 1968 and Diane Kruger in 1957. Pop singer Rihanna also opted for an unimaginably classy leather beret from Dior in Paris Fashion Week. Talking about Dior, you would especially love how this one-off trend dominated Dior’s Fall 2017, keeping leather berets in focus. Not only that, but Gucci F/W 15 & Marc Jacobs F/W 15 also showcased Berets as an upcoming accessory trend.


Boots Of Elf In Fashion


Inspiration can be from anywhere and everywhere, and it’s yet another time for fictional characters to come forward. Gone are the days of those typical fairies and pixie dust, as there is something extremely unique with a humorous edge to it. If you are a toy story fan than you would instantly recall woody from the animated movie, an Elf with unimaginable pointed boots with a slight curl in the upwards direction. You know what’s weirder? Some versions of these Elf boots have their tips reaching to the heights of one’s waist.The height of the tip of these boots was initially not considered vital, but gradually people started to compete on it. They used to modify it to compare on pointiness, even with the neighboring towns. Bizzare! Isn’t it?

Referring to the place of origin, these pointy boots seems to have been evolved from a rural place of Mexico, specifically in Matehuala’s San Luis Potosi, and were also referred to as Mexican Boots. In Matehuala, people used to wear these in clubs, tribal dances and other places like rodeos, now its more prevalent in most of the part of Texas. Men in North Central Mexico are sometimes related to these boots. You can also trace Elf boots to European people of the 14th century who used to wear shoes with extremely pointy toes. The quirky fanny packs were recently in fashion and now its the time for the ever humourous Elf boots.

“There’s no sense to them. But they make you laugh!” the Loewe’s designer Jonathan Anderson replied supporting the daring footwear he showcased in Spring 2018 collection in Paris Fashion Week. The extremely absurd accessory that was a pointy luxurious sneaker was thought to be inspired by the respective designer’s Moroccan slippers. Many versions of it were seen, whether it was suede or reptile-embossed exterior. Furthermore, Twitter-savvy people matched its source of inspiration to Elves and the character of Aladdin. So, are we ready to amaze ourselves, to a bit height for now, with this Elf trend?

Meggings? Seriously!

meggings givenchy

Yes, you guessed it right, these are leggings, shall we say the correct term “meggings”- these are exclusively men’s leggings. And you can take it as a clue to a total fashion-forward, risk-taker, bad-ass and rule-breaker man. This trend is quite a shout out to all those who are fitness freaks, those who are always on for cycling, running, dance, yoga and other exercises. These are like your form-fitted skinny jeans, even more tighter, tailored for men’s physique. The word ‘bikini’ was modified to ‘mankinis’ and now its the time for ‘meggings’ from ‘leggings’!

The word has dominated New York and Britain! Popular pop star Justin Bieber was also seen flaunting this new item and Russell Brand is also associated with meggings. The brands like Givenchy and Versace gave a new way to this fashion as well as retail brands like Uniqlo, Nordstrom, and Zara also stock meggings.

You know how this trend came to origin? It was all the grace of  Andrew Volk and Adam Freck, who started an online venture of this new idea. In amazing polyester-spandex mix fabric, these meggings are available in metallic prints, galaxy, nebula, stripes, camouflage and what not!


Little Yorkie Thinks He’s Big


Dare not get deceived by the size here, as this smart little Yorkie, called by the name Yorkshire Terrier, just looks small but has a big personality inside! With their silky long coat of various shades and perky topknot, these Yorkshire terriers are so full of themselves. They are a great personality to carry, they are loving yet feisty, a great companion, loyal and too much fond of adventure. Weighing not more than 7 pounds, these dogs are highly affectionate and endearing, but at the same time they are quite suspicious of strangers, they bark more if there are some sounds heard. Don’t hesitate to flaunt your Yorkies, as these soft glam goodnesses would attract attention wherever they go. They are tiny ones so you can even carry them in your dog totes!

If we go back to the 19th century, then we would know how highly coveted these were in Yorkshire, England, though they were initially brought to catch rats in clothes and textiles mills. You might have heard about the Victorian Era, well, these Yorkshire beauties were first traced to the history of England, and they were not only popular but a quite show dog here.

Crate training is recommended for these dogs rather than housetraining.  As they are small, it’s good that it has old children as their owners and not toddlers. These get easily irritated if they are teased. Yorkshire terrier has a very high loyalty and they can even challenge big dogs if a fight breaks out in the streets.

Why You Prefer Vegetarian Food Over Non- Veg?


Gardener Vegetable Garden Vegetables

You must have heard the same question thousands of times, at some point in your life every person must have asked you – Hey! why do you prefer Vegetarian food over Non-veg, is there a reason? And you being ‘you’ were never able to give on the spot answer to this, so ultimately you ended up with the most pathetic answer ever born on the surface of the earth. You come up with something really really stupid like – “Ugh.. Maybe, because, umm I love animals.” See! You yourself aren’t sure what you want to say. As a savior to all these tough questions comes a very big reason, as to why it is advised to prefer vegetarian food by science itself. Aha! Point to be noted; you can brag some of your science knowledge too!

There’s a scientific theory called “10% Law”. This law explains that a person if consumes plant parts than he would be consuming 10% of the energy stored by plants, and the remaining 90% is utilized by the plant itself. But, do keep in mind that it is a very large amount of energy as compared to a person feeding on animal flesh. Parts of plants are consumed by animals or insects such as chicken, fish, prawns, octopus, etc. According to 10% law, only 10% energy stored by plants is consumed by animals and thus is stored in their flesh. When these animals are further eaten by humans, then we get 10% of the earlier 10% energy. Thus a vegetarian will consume 10% of the total energy while a non-vegetarian will consume 10% of the 10% total energy(1/10th of 10%) that is extremely less.


Highly Intelligent Whoodle!

via Mini Whoodle Oliver — Reviews for Celebrity Pups – Whoodles

Should we say Designer dogs? Or should we call them as a highly intellectual dog? Or is it a whoodle! well, it’s all and the same thing.  These exceptionally admirable specious get along with everyone as well, as any human, and of course we can’t forget about their intellectuality, can we? You can just take a look at them and instantly realize that it’s a whoodle breed. These are soft curly coat dogs that are pricey and generally medium sized. Talking of the sizes, a whoodle comes in three; miniature, medium and standard. They are mixed breed of Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier, a 200 years old Irish Breed, and Standard Poodle. Let’s learn more about these cute tiny creatures.


Now-now, don’t worry about your pretty little furry one barking all day long and disturbing your neighbors, coz it’s just the right pet for you! Even the guests won’t get frightened with this quite and calm creature, as these won’t bark much. Oh, but yeah, they do bark at times when they are bored, so better treat them good.


You will be extremely glad to know that these dogs are the most non-aggressive, friendly and affectionate, whether it’s with kids (keep in mind that they won’t bark often on them), guests, other pets or your whole neighborhood. If you do have other pets at home the time to introduce your whoodle with these pets is now, or never. They are playful and friendly just like a part of your family.


On the basis of intelligence, this breed is the most intelligent when it comes to training or other activities as they learn with the speed of light. You can trust them with your porch when it comes to training, as they are clever. Just keep in mind to give them praises, proper treats and not to shout at them, you just have to be really really good with them! They are good while training, and well, quite active we should say.  These dogs require daily exercises.


No dog hairs in the car, no dog hairs in your homes and absolutely no shedding of hairs everywhere. Don,t you just love this breed even more?


The average lifespan of a whoodle is 12 to 15 years.


They are generally healthy but may get diseases like ear infections, retinal atrophy and hip dysplasia.