All For The Fur : A Diary To Cat Grooming


You own a cute fluffy ginger tom or a gorgeous feline and still don’t know what’s the deal with this so talked about grooming? The frequent mat and tangles are always against your long fur cat, and to chat about a good bath with your beloved cat is certainly a far-fetched dream. So frankly speaking, what’s the need of the hour? The answer lies in a quick know-how to some basic cat grooming.

All For The Fur :

The best thing about your cute little feline is her fur or we can say hairs, whether they are long or short. In order to keep it clean, dirt free and untangled a cat owner has to brush it either once a week for the short hairs or every single day for the gorgeous extra length of hairs. Like we apply several moisturizers and creams, cats are needed to have some natural oils applied gently on their body that keeps their skin clean and prevents knotting of hair. For short haired cat you should run a fine toothed metal comb from it’s head to tail and for loose hairs one should go for bristle. If you are brushing through the sensitive spots, like her belly or her chest, then you are off course required to be extra gentle.

What about the long haired cat? well, you need a wire brush to remove the loose hair and the debris in your cat’s fur can be easily removed using wide toothed comb. The oh so pretty face of your adorable cat can be cleaned using a spare toothbrush. Firstly, you are supposed to comb the legs and belly and remember to comb in the same direction, never to go against the grain. The one thing that’s more important is to untangle the knots carefully and slowly, especially in case of your long haired cat, take care not to hurt your feline. Do you know about the hairballs? they do need surgery for removal and precaution is better than cure, so frequent brushing of coat is the ultimate cure to this problem.

Out of the blue don’t just suddenly grab your cat and start her grooming process as it needs time. Have patience, know your cat’s body language and be extra gentle towards her. Start brushing her gently with the comb, remember not to scratch the scalp and be careful towards the sensitive areas. If she’s good during the grooming treat her with some yummy food, well, we know everyone wants a reward, don’t they?




Time For New One-Shoulder Trend



Your beloved off-the-shoulder trend has got a sudden makeover, so if you aren’t contented with the old one, here’s a new door open by the holy gods of fashion, meant entirely for your fashion statement; here’s the One Shoulder trend!

It was there in the 80s, it was there in the Spring 2016 runways of Versace, Rosie, and Tibi! And now, it’s here as a dominating trend of 2017; in the Saint Laurent runway with laces and velvet, in the form of de-constructed shirts in Monse and Self-Portrait, in Gucci with ruffles, with a visible T-shirt at Loewe and with ribbons and bow styles at Marni.

It is apt for even work or some formal functions if you aren’t so comfy with off-shoulder dresses. Or perhaps if you want a graceful style for a wedding look than it’s totally refreshing. And if you still have doubts about how to wear this trend, then here are some genius options to go for:

Fall In Love With Plaids!

70’s PLAID IS BACK! You can probably see my excitement from here because of how much I adore the 70’s era. This fall all of us are going to be doing a lot of hunting around in thrift shops (cough cough my grandma’s closet) to get ourselves some of the latest fall 2017 trend!

via Fall Fashion Trend 2017: 70’s Plaid — WHITE TEE TALKS

Holidays, fall season or festive looks were once mindlessly associated with floral prints, sequins, embroideries and what not! But now, tables turned, times change and a refreshing newfangled fashion of Plaid knocks your door. Let’s get introduced now, here, Plaid is not a mere Scottish element of the dress, but in all its due respect, it’s a chequered cloth usually made of wool. Oh, and don’t forget it has come back from the 70s and the grunge-ish 90s to become the most highly coveted trend of 2017.

victoria beckham


Talking about the hype of this season- plaid trend, it’s extremely popular among the fashion savvy crowd. You might have seen your beloved Victoria Beckham rocking her effortless style in the Menswear-inspired trousers and blazer for an edgy look. As a second-best example here’s the movie Clueless, which has more than 163 of its scenes in plaid dresses. And at last, you won’t believe how this fabric dominated the Saint Laurent, Celine and Calvin Klein shows this year.

The most classy way to wear this style is a dress with boots like that of Alexa Chung, and believe us, this is the coziest chic style since forever! Pulling on the boots will help you to develop a formal and dressy look all at the same time.


alexa chung



Let-It-Glow Trend For Hairs Is In! Really!!

neon hairs

Brunette! No. Usual black hairs? Nope. Stunning blondes? No ways. It’s time for something truly quirky and eccentric, as in 2017 hair trends have evolved so much that they now reached to a truly refreshing neon look. In the wide world of fashion-savvy people, this trend is referred as “Blacklight hair” or “Phoenix hair”. Let’s dive into some more details of this crazy hair trend.

This trend was born when the famous colorist Guy Tang used his Kenra Professional Neon colors to creatively paint the phoenix neon glow on Angelica Salek.  Like magic its a mystical phoenix that is brought to life from ashes, just like the Harry Potter series, do you reckon!

These mesmerizing rainbow shades look strikingly beautiful in the sun’s rays and in the black light i.e, at night simultaneously.  So, if you are on for a night party then get ready to have the best selfies, as these hairs just glow!



What’s This Bustle Fashion?

Let’s go back in time and rummage through the ancient closet of the Victorian era. You might have seen those exaggerated gowns with slight fullness and drapery at the back, this typical fashion of noble ladies during the era of the 1870s is known as bustle or Grecian bend. It was the time of hoop skirts, detachable cuffs, collars and corsets used in the garments that this fashion came in like a strong wave.


In order to make the waist look smaller, these were like a support for a new draped shape at the back and also to keep the skirt from dragging. These shapes were worn under the skirt below the waist, and thus increased the fullness of the back skirt, at times supported by a lot of drapes.

Do Our Bodies Try To Kill Itself?


What a weird question, right? but, no it’s quite logical in reality, or shall we say – in science. Since childhood, we all have been forced to mug up the concept “Diseases are caused by foreign agents or foreign cells namely virus, bacteria, protozoa, etc. Our bodies have resistance power to all these diseases….” and blah blah blah blah. So, the point is; we do know that our bodies have a resistance power to these diseases. Our body mechanism tries hard to fight and eventually kill those foreign cells by degrading them in various ways.

At times, due to many reasons ( like changes in the D.N.A. sequence or use of host machinery by a virus, etc. ), our body’s defense mechanism kills its own cells mistakenly recognizing as foreign cells. This can lead to various diseases known as autoimmune diseases. The common symptoms of autoimmune diseases include fever, weight loss, fatigue, etc.

Scientific Logic Behind Indian Traditions

Superstitions might be the first word of what we see and what we don’t understand, especially if we are referring to Indian Traditions. Yes, these traditions are practiced since ages, and we neither question them nor we tend to understand the scientific logic behind these rituals. Do we know the science behind applying Mehndi or why there are bells in temples? Do we know why married women apply sindoor- what’s the scientific reason behind it? So, apply a break on all these doubts and let’s learn some fascinating science behind it?

Applying Mehendi:

Bride Design Mehndi Indian Mehndi Designs Henna

Mehendi contains essential natural cooling agents that calms down the physical and mental stress. Also, it reduces the risk of fever and hypertension that is very common during functions and events, especially marriage rituals.

Touching Feet Of Elders:

touching feet

When we touch the feet of an elder or a person, than the genuine respect given to that person develops a form of positive energy in them. This positive energy gets transmitted from their feet to our hands and further helps us in different metabolic processes in future, offcourse in the form of blessings.

Temple Bells


Temple bells usually are a big aid to our brain cells do you know that? They help us to level or to balance the left and the right side of our brain and thus helping us to focus.

Silver toe-rings


Silver metal is responsible for absorbing essentials elements from the ground to our feet. Its electronic energy gets transferred from the nerves of our second toe finger to the uterus and ultimately heart, keeping them healthy.

Applying Sindoor


Sindoor is composed of Mercuric Chloride, Turmeric and Lime water Ca(OH)2. It is applied directly to the location of an important part of the brain, pituitary gland, which governs all the hormonal levels of the body.

Its Skort Not Skirt


No, you don’t need to change your vocabulary here, but you do need to change your wardrobe for this new season. These are not those usual “skirts” but “skort” – a fashion staple that has been taken downright from the trend of the 90s, it was extremely popular back then. Confused? well, it’s like a flap fabric on front and shorts at the back or at the bottom. Case in point; they just “look” like skirts but they aren’t, so don’t get ditched! These are prevalent when the comfort of the wearer is the topmost priority, so you can widely see them being used in various sports activities, even in some school uniforms and now with our beloved Taylor Swift.

Balayage- Hair Trend For Now!

balayage gigi

Getting your hair colored- isn’t it a hard-row-to-hoe? especially if it’s the first time you are going to get streaks in your pretty and voluminous hair! To get this uphill task of your lifetime done peacefully and without having to curse yourself for going too funky, let’s tell you the best way out – Balayage, the most up-to-the-minute trend. Whether we are referring to celebs like Gigi Hadid, Jessica Alba, Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez or we are talking about fashion shows, this hair trend is literally ruling.  So let’s go and get a slight peek inside it. 


First of all, for any sane person out there, it’s required to know what is really this French term, Balayage, means? Yes, you read it right, it’s a French word of “sweep” or “to paint”,  it’s when you want to have a natural hair color with softer touch at the roots and thick highlights at the ends. Fantasize about the gorgeous sun-kissed effect in your hairs, it’s like those natural hairs with which one is born; with no gimmicky or extra strips but just a focus on those parts of the hair which sun would lighten up.

Now you think you have to sit, head in foils, and wait for three whole days! but not this time. This time is different and this time is all about Balayage! A technique that is too speedy to wait for three whole days, and also it’s freehand with no foil or Meche to create highlights. Seldom this technique is used to distract attention from certain features or to compliment your face.  Various dimensions of color in the form of subtle shades and patches of light are created to create the softest looks in your hairs. Oh, and if you are going blond and are ready to avoid too much contrasting colors than do go for Balayage.


Go Camo This Year!



If you have been on a hunt for the latest style trend of 2017, then you would be more than pleased to know the sudden hype of camouflage in the fashion world. Following the steps of the ever-stylish Bella Hadid, Selena Gomez and Ariana Grande and the renowned brand Marc Jacobs we are here to greet this up-to-the-minute, timeless, sharp and bold trend – Camouflage. 


For real, what this Camouflage really means? The Camouflage is a visual disguise, a print that has many shapes blended in a similar color theme. For instance, if the color of an animal is just like its surroundings you won’t be able to recognize it in a single glimpse, and that deception of mind is Camouflage.

Coming from the classic army jackets, this mainstay fabric is just meant for “blending in”  with every other piece of your wardrobe. Whether it’s your casual street style, party look, joggers journey, travel ensemble it can always be in Camo prints! We do know that at times it was so under-the-radar that we haven’t noticed it, but now it’s so in that you won’t be able to ignore it. For a style statement, you can now invest in Camo oversized jackets, classic trousers, all black tank top, crop top, comfy sweatshirts, and of course jumpsuits like Bella Hadid (if you’re up for a bit of risky bold style).


A Gate To Another Dimension : Black Hole

A die-hard fan of Sci-Fi Movies? Then chances are that you might have heard the word “parallel dimension” and wondered about it for days. Well, we all are well aware of the fact that we live on this earth amidst a universe, but we might not know that there is no single universe but a number of them. These so-called universes are called other dimensions!

parall dime

The theory of black hole says that it’s a space many many light years far away from earth, where when light travels do not reflect. Scientists claim that this black hole converts mass to energy; it is a kind of recycler. The mass which is taken by the black hole is converted to energy and is taken to another dimension.

This concept also gives the idea of possible research for making all the sci-fi’s in future, or perhaps sci-fi’s moving in a parallel dimension. But this also raises a question. We know that earth has gravity in it, so wouldn’t be Earth successful in pulling this black hole towards it after many light years? That’s a possibility, right? And everything would be transported to the parallel world before we know it. With Science, everything can be possible.