Do Microorganisms Protect Us From Diseases?


Many people over here don’t even know that technically they are not alone as an individual. They have millions and billions of lives walking and existing along with them on a lifetime basis. Best part? we humans are not able to recognize these lives through naked eyes. Yes! They are not humans. Nope, they are not even ghosts! These are billions of microorganisms called by the name “normal flora”.

Thinking of micro-organisms we recall bacterias, virus, fungi, etc. but you also remember that they are supposed to harm human body as different diseases like malaria, polio, common cold, etc. Case in point; If they are so harmful to us then why do they exist along with us? Then too in billions of quantity? That is because they exist to help our body in performing different tasks, such as digestion, making immune system strong, etc.

Now how can a microorganism, a normal flora, can make our immune system strong? It’s all because of competetion. ‘Competition’ is a literal term given to the process of microorganisms competing for food, shelter, nutrient, etc. which are performed by them through a human body. They compete with other incoming bad microorganisms which have potential to cause various diseases. Thus, normal flora plays a critically important role in our immunity.

Why You Prefer Vegetarian Food Over Non- Veg?


Gardener Vegetable Garden Vegetables

You must have heard the same question thousands of times, at some point in your life every person must have asked you – Hey! why do you prefer Vegetarian food over Non-veg, is there a reason? And you being ‘you’ were never able to give on the spot answer to this, so ultimately you ended up with the most pathetic answer ever born on the surface of the earth. You come up with something really really stupid like – “Ugh.. Maybe, because, umm I love animals.” See! You yourself aren’t sure what you want to say. As a savior to all these tough questions comes a very big reason, as to why it is advised to prefer vegetarian food by science itself. Aha! Point to be noted; you can brag some of your science knowledge too!

There’s a scientific theory called “10% Law”. This law explains that a person if consumes plant parts than he would be consuming 10% of the energy stored by plants, and the remaining 90% is utilized by the plant itself. But, do keep in mind that it is a very large amount of energy as compared to a person feeding on animal flesh. Parts of plants are consumed by animals or insects such as chicken, fish, prawns, octopus, etc. According to 10% law, only 10% energy stored by plants is consumed by animals and thus is stored in their flesh. When these animals are further eaten by humans, then we get 10% of the earlier 10% energy. Thus a vegetarian will consume 10% of the total energy while a non-vegetarian will consume 10% of the 10% total energy(1/10th of 10%) that is extremely less.


Do Our Bodies Try To Kill Itself?


What a weird question, right? but, no it’s quite logical in reality, or shall we say – in science. Since childhood, we all have been forced to mug up the concept “Diseases are caused by foreign agents or foreign cells namely virus, bacteria, protozoa, etc. Our bodies have resistance power to all these diseases….” and blah blah blah blah. So, the point is; we do know that our bodies have a resistance power to these diseases. Our body mechanism tries hard to fight and eventually kill those foreign cells by degrading them in various ways.

At times, due to many reasons ( like changes in the D.N.A. sequence or use of host machinery by a virus, etc. ), our body’s defense mechanism kills its own cells mistakenly recognizing as foreign cells. This can lead to various diseases known as autoimmune diseases. The common symptoms of autoimmune diseases include fever, weight loss, fatigue, etc.

Skipping meals doesn’t make you slim

Skipping meals makes you slim! What!!! Who told you? You are getting some science facts so damn wrong.

Here are some scientific facts that aren’t what you think.

Fruits are healthy so you can eat them anytime

Assortment of fruits
Heap of fruits

No, no and absolutely no! You just can’t eat fruits anytime. And by this “anytime” we mean after lunch, dinner or heavy breakfast or even with it you can’t eat fruits. The reason is, fruits contain certain enzymes (biochemicals) that makes it much easier and quickly digestible (generally in 30 minutes) than food ( which gets digested in 3–4hrs). Case in point; when you eat fruits with or just after food, fruits get digested first, leaving partially digested food messing up with your stomach.

Eating sugar causes diabetes



In reality, Diabetes is related to biochemical digestion of sugar by a substance Insulin that is secreted by certain body cells. So there is a problem with this Insulin, which doesn’t digest sugar and so you have a high level of sugar in your blood.

This is not because you eat a lot of sugar. Yes eating a lot of sugar makes you fat which is “one of the risk” of diabetes but if you exercise daily, drink proper water, eat salad along with food etc you can get rid of this problem. This does not, by any means, mean you should skip eating sugar for prevention.

Skipping meals makes you slim

Our body adapts to the conditions and diet we take on a regular basis if we skip meals our body gets adapted to store food for a longer time. This means if you skip meals for some days and start eating again, then your body will store food and you may become fatter. So instead of skipping meals follow healthy diet including fibers and important nutrients with lots of water.

Bacterias Do Talk : Story Of A Bioluminescence



Many of you have seen something like your mobile screens, tube lights, lamps, etc glow but certainly you might have not heard about someone glowing in front of your eyes, have you? No, we aren’t talking any nonsense but unfolding a very important part of science in your everyday lives, where this whole phenomenon has a cool name given to it – “Bioluminescence”.

Now there is another magic on this planet that every single bacteria existing in atmosphere “talk” to each other. Here is the story of a bacteria named vibrio fischeri.  These fellows live in lakes or beaches. When there is a single vibrio fischeri, it sends the signal to the atmosphere, but when there are many, all of them send the signal to the atmosphere. The signal doesn’t get much space to stay and thus they have to go back to the bacterial body which activates an illuminating substance to be released outside their body. Releasing the substance by every bacteria increases its amount, resulting in light to glow.

This was first discovered by a scientist Bonnie Bassler and her team and world’s scientists had shown great interest in this. Scientists came to know that every goddamn evil bacteria can only bring you a disease if all are together, or perhaps when they communicate and “talk”, then they wondered – ” How about medicines that can cut this communication channel?” Yes, you guessed it right, it can happen through medication, we can send wrong signals to these bacterias so that they can’t cause infection. What if they don’t get to know if they are together and crowded enough to cause infection? Here also lies the point of interest in making medicines for the good bacterias helping us to absorb vitamins from food. They can also affect our body (of course in good ways), if they get the signal that they are crowded and can get ready to do their job.

You might be under this dilemma that how one can make this “wrong signal medicine”? This my dear is because the structure of the signal released by bacteria is studied and scientists can make the same structure which can be given to the bacteria as a disguise, in place of the original one. Or a different structural medicine can be made to block the signal molecules to reach the bacteria again. You know, life has been easier since then.


Weight Loss Without Walk :Tricks & Science


Don’t have any fondness for those strict military like training to get up early, to do torturing exercises and Yoga? You sure as hell can’t wrap your head around that insane crowd doing hard physical task and dieting to loose body fat, while here you are wanna have a life! You needn’t to worry, as here are some easy home made drinks and a few tricks. So don’t move your legs you lazy fellows, just sit on that oh so comfy! bed of yours and read these amazing tricks.



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First and the most easily available detox weight loosing drink is a drink made up of ginger, lemon and honey. Honey helps in mobilizing extra fat that is deposited during obesity. As honey has a major constituent of glucose and fructose, it helps to generate energy for your digestion. From the very ancient times, ginger has been used to improve digestion, you may or may not have heard that ginger is also known as natural appetite sup-presents. Thus, it will help you feel satisfied with the amount of food you you eat and will also raise your inner gut body temperature which will help in increasing metabolism rate and burning fat immediately. Talking about lemon juice, no doubt it consists of active vitamins needed by the body, but the most important, Vitamin C helps in inhibiting control, the stress hormone that is responsible for the craving of a person to eat while they are in stress.

You can make this drink by adding 1 tbs( tablespoon) of  honey and 1 tbs of lime juice with mashed ginger in one glass of water, just see the miracle in around a month!



In the above juice of ginger, lemon and honey add some aloe Vera  juice and see some faster results. This magical plant of immortality, aloe Vera, is a common detox that removes free radical from the body, and if your body is cleaned already then weight loss is as easy as a child’s play. Vitamin B that helps to block extra building fat in body is abundant in aloe Vera juice.



The second most and easily effective, immediately fat removing home made drink is barley water. Insoluble fiber present in barley water push intestinal content and speeds up digestion, if barley is poured in boiling water, boiled for a few minutes and filtered, it can be taken in empty stomach. It acts as an immediate detox in 48 hrs, if you don’t like it’s taste then you can also add flavors to it.